About Us

Our Mission:
Make People’s Lives Better

Employees, Customers, Investors & Vendors
(in that order)

Our Values:

Our values are key to our success. They also shed a guiding light for hard decisions and provide us with a higher-level metric of that success.

  1. Honesty & transparency through great communication at all levels.
  2. Building great teams.
  3. Empowerment.
  4. Curiosity & learning.
  5. High-quality performance.
  6. Hard work.
  7. Accountability.
  8. The Environment.

Who We Are:

We have a simple philosophy: Hire intelligent and interesting people that take pride in their work and enjoy making other people happy.

The easiest part of the job is learning how to fix devices. We can teach that. We can’t those other skills and they are critical to being a great coworker and providing an exceptional customer experience.